Contexxt is headquartered in London with offices in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus we design and build intelligent content solutions. Operating at the technological crossroads where Business and Media meet User Personalisation and Artificial Intelligence, Contexxt delivers practical solutions to complex business problems.
Our success is based on our ability to employ interactive components in a way that maximises the generation, reuse and evolution of data. We have delivered solutions in a range of high-demand, complex environments for customers across a variety of sectors to include financial services, media, sports, technology and fashion.

What we do

We consult with large enterprises to drive innovation,
deliver excellence and enable agility.
We partner with startups to enable accelerated time to market, increased productivity and supplemented resource engagement.
We are a start-up studio. We invest, incubate, and build from scratch
in our areas of thematic interest.

WhY Choose us

Highly qualified specialists

We are a team of specialists with a vast set of fundamental development technologies and never-ending aspiration for continuous improvement in the pursuit of brand-new trends and approaches.

Individual Approach for Each customer

Profound immersion in the brand’s scope alongside with the awareness of our clients’ needs allows our specialists to find exceptionally accurate solutions and offer the most successful ways of their accomplishment.

EXCEPTIONAL product delivery

We provide a full development cycle: from envisioning solution architecture and meticulously inventing design to testing the final implemented product.

First-rate customer service

We don’t do sales! Our success is reliant on the success of our partners and clients.  Our reputation for excellence is founded on our passion for customer service and delivery.

Our services

Contexxt works in six areas

Augmented Intelligence

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, NLP.

Contextual Mobility

Mobile architecture, Location Based System design, Smartphone/tablet design, portable devices usability, Mobile-first.

Concept Creation

Ideation, Collision, Rapid Prototyping, Concept testing, Iteration, Decision, Business Logic, Wireframing, MVP, Customer Use, Review, Market Entry.

Solution Delivery

Contexxt foundations are built on our engineering and process excellence. Our Solution delivery managers ensure – A thorough understanding of the organisation’s business objectives, a defined set of stakeholder expectations, best fit professional teams, agreed realistic and measurable targets.

Sustainable Software

Sustainable Software Engineering is an emerging discipline at the intersection of climate science, software, hardware, electricity markets, and data center design. The Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering are a core set of competencies needed to define, build, and run sustainable software applications.

Digital Experience Ecosystems

Environmental Mapping, Contextual Aggregation, Media Curation, Contextual Conversation, Location Based Services.

Completed cases

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