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Morgan Stanley Investment Research is considered to be one of the largest and most influential think tanks in the world of equity and fixed-income investing. It possesses excellent reputation being earned through up-to-date, timely and in-depth analysis of companies, industries, markets and the world’s economies.

Morgan Stanley engaged Contexxt to design, produce, develop and integrate their new multimedia platform into the research products and workflow; delivering a seamless contextual experience for investment research.


  • Improve management and delivery of research
  • Drastically improve customer experience
  • Provide insight through usage data and analytics

The Contexxt team has over 20 years experience working with and in the Investment Banking industry. This in-depth expertise coupled with Contexxt's experience with multimedia and cutting-edge technologies ensured the project to be delivered rapidly, and offered unique capabilities and insights for the Morgan Stanley Research team.


  • Ideation & discovery document

    It  included findings, user archetypes and personas, success criteria, user stories and high-level architecture understanding
  • Envisioning & prototyping

    User Journeys, Sketchbooks, Clickable Demos
  • Envisioning the video experience

    Contexxt produced a number of POCs that demonstrate how a new player page experience might evolve to include personalisation, contextual point in time market data and research artifacts
  • Documented platform proposition

    We produced platform requirements that include data integration design and platform architecture


In addition, our specialists collected, categorized and prioritized over 200 requirements as well as produced workflow charts:

Existing Video creation process

Proposed process with a new Video OVP

Proposed process with Eidos media integration


Simplified production, post-production and compliance processes
A new architeture that enabled limitless video size and length
The new platform provided expanded secure permissioned access, providing Marketing, design and support teams with access to the platorm
3rd party and internal dynamic contextual links enabled improved UX, increased research engagement and unique data signals
Dynamic auto generated realtime actionable notifications provided improved platform montoring and user enagement
Dramatic improvements in analytics; enabled improved content strategy and increased user enagement
Expanded access to metadata and the flexible data architecture, enabled modification and adoption in real-time
The flexible and componentised design enabled an “Embed anything, anywhere” capability, whilst retaining relevant context and compliance
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