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“Both benefit pros and solution partners had pain points in the process that need to be eliminated. BenefitPitch was then born out of that need.” 

BenefitPitch was created to help fill a gap in the market, namely the challenge of connecting impactful companies with the benefit teams who are searching for them. BenefiPitch creator decided to build a marketplace where vendors and benefit professionals can connect.

The Leading Platform Connecting Benefit Professionals with World Class Vendors

What does it look like?

On the one side, BenefitPitch gives vendors easy access to clients. They are able to create their Vendor Profiles, tell about themselves and their products. By describing the products using special properties and categorising them (or the company in general), the vendors are able to be found among many other vendors on the platform.
On the other side, brokers have a unique opportunity to find the most relevant vendors for their needs using different levels of searching reinforced by a lot of customisable filters and settings. It is hard to choose only one from the list? It’s also not a problem. Benefit professionals can add a few most apposite vendors into the comparison tables to look into them “under the microscope”.
BenefitPitch also helps brokerage firms keep their methods and development safe: the system practices the creation of separate branded environments with abilities to customise all the initial statements of BenefitPitch, like Service types, Expert notes, properties, etc.
By allowing banner communication called “Smart Messages”, providing analytics on how well profiles are performing, and rewarding engaged and highly rated vendors, our vendor partners are well-positioned for success. BenefitPitch enabled them to access the network of curated benefit professionals – who it’s so important to reach.

BenefitPitch works best when these two communities (vendors and benefit professionals) come together

How it works from technical prospective

BenefitPitch is a complex multi-tenant ecosystem that consists of a fundamental community version with a database of vendors and private instances for each brokerage firm. Each private instance represents a unique environment with corporate design and convenient customisable settings. Access to the corporate instances is regulated by the corporate Single Sign-On authentication system. We use separate databases for each environment, which guarantee privacy and eliminate the leak of information.

Today, BenefitPitch is the leading platform to connect benefits professionals with world-class vendors. BenefitPitch is on its way to 10,000 users!

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