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Fidelity Investments is an American multinational financial services corporation helping more than 40 million people invest their own life savings, managing over 22,000 businesses employee benefit programs, as well as providing more than 13,500 institutions with investment and technology solutions to expand and improve their businesses.

Contexxt was tasked with designing and delivering an experience that would require incorporating integrated, contextually relevant market data, news and insights driven by the primary user engagement of video consumption.

We devised the UX strategy components followed by project management, design and development.

The result was the delivery of a series of  multimedia HTML5 components that would be seamlessly integrated within their Hybrid App.

In collaboration with Thomson Reuters editorial we produced a Content Management System that enabled a programming wheel to bring an exceptional content set tailored to the Fidelity customer needs.


Associated content comprising notably title, publish date, description, and tags for every video together with a transcription

  • Work with key stakeholders to examine the case, define product requirements and success criteria
  • Define and document the product proposition, and visualize it with wireframes
  • Manage and deliver the development, and propose relevant solutions
  • Present the results and recommendations to the Fidelity stakeholders
  • Define next steps and produce long-term strategic roadmap

Our solution and key deliverables

  • Design, implementation, development and testing of HTML5 multimedia components;
  • Providing contextual meta information around videos that would drive interaction;
  • Delivery of a programming wheel tailored to Wealth Management customers;
  • Simple and easy content contribution;
  • Adjusting CMS (Content Management System) that gave Fidelity complete control over content channels and the internal content;
  • Over 150 partner content, which gathered multiple content providers on one platform:
  • Implementation of  a CDN that ensured global coverage and availability in timely and optimized manner;
  • Experience that would drive users to actions through Fidelity’s revenue streams;
  • Quality actionable content.


  • Successful delivery of one of the first in the world native/HTML5 hybrid multimedia iPad apps on time, exceeding expectations and within the budget
  • Delivery of timed smart tagged transcription, enabling point in time market data integration – driving dramatically improved user engagement
  • Delivery of the 1st of its kind programming wheel designed specially for Wealth Management client
  • The simple and easy content contribution which facilitates adding increased amount of more relevant content to the app from over 150 contributing partners
  • The delivered experience exceeded all Fidelity’s metric expectations
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