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The project we are talking about here is something special the whole team of Contexxt have developed themselves seeking to enhance the quality of performance for both influential individuals and corporate managers.

Profyle is your way to discover yourself, and we have made it possible to show and demonstrate you how.


The idea we came up with once involved creation of a product that would help reveal in a very consistent and time-saving way the best traits or minor weaknesses of a person/employee for business purposes. 

Whether you simply strive to improve your individual performance at the workplace or you appear to be an HQ manager with an impressive number of staff members – our app was designed to bring substantial benefits in any case.


In the first place, Profyle offers you two types of accounts for creation with their ultimate functions.

For both accounts our team has developed an explicit range of roles to make your experience fully personalized and highly adaptable to essential requirements. Among various options from Leader and Manager to Facilitator, our users are entitled to choose the most suitable one for their career goals and professional requests.

Right after finishing a quick set of 30 questions tailored to complete your personal report, the user discovers their results divided into particular sections displaying charts, graphs, text summaries and even a number of advice based on individual peculiarities for each role. 

As a result, you obtain a good deal of useful information for future areas of concern and following self-development. Not only can you ask for feedback on the accomplished report, but also compare yourself.

As for the head of the staff, being in a position of an admin of the company, you face indeed a wider scope of opportunities.
What does it imply?

By and large, you are in power to coordinate the entire team of employees assessing their skills regarding several roles, reviewing current reports, estimating the progress and far more.

Keep a close eye on the statistics of company’s groups examining completed Profyles and their evolution.


Profyle has become a long-awaited product in which an extensive number of hard-working Contexxt specialists were involved.

Profyle provides confidence, clarity, control and insight for you and your future career.

Create your Profyle now and discover the best opportunities for growth.

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