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We sort waste, buy reusable products and family packs. How about contributing to a greener planet by making simple changes to the way we make transactions?

Helpful is a team of visionaries who support the world’s journey to net zero emissions. Contexxt team started development at the very early stage. The first product was the Helpful card. We keep on teaming up for creating new solutions for the Fintech.

What are we working on now? 


  • More and more retailers are looking for ways to provide seamless, secure and green payments at the check-out
  • Customers don’t want to leave their credit card details in the e-shops
  • They want to be environmentally aware even when they pay
  • Retailers want to keep track of their transactions and make sure they grow sustainably


One of the products that the team is currently working on is a Digital wallet. It’s a solution that provides companies with an opportunity to offer payments that are cardless and sustainable. Besides, companies have a chance to control their payments and growth, make refunds, track CO2 avoidance with the help of the interactive Merchant’s dashboard:

The process is quite easy:

  • A user can choose to create a digital wallet at the check-out of a merchant’s e-shop 
  • Next time they buy anything from this or any other online shop that offers this method, a user doesn’t have to fill in their credit card information, or connect to the online banking
  • Such easy ledger-to-ledger payments are not just sustainable, but also secure


Helpful team has also recently launched an app that changes throwaway culture.

‘Recycle’ is a Scottish plastic bottle recycling pilot that makes it rewarding (credit goes to Helpful card) to recycle with ease. It will help to reduce Scotland’s CO2 emissions by 160,000 tonnes, which is the equivalent of taking 83,000 cars off the road.

How does ‘Recycle’ work? You have a few single-use bottles? Just download the Recycle app, scan barcodes, throw scanned bottles to Recycle bins, get a cashback of £0,2 per bottle to your Helpful card.

We still have a lot of work to do together with the Helpful team. But we can be certain that with the work we’ve already done more trees have been planted, more than 2000 bottles have already been recycled, and the planet has become a bit better place to live in

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