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A Contexxt platform, The Brand Monitor, is a seamless solution for retail brands with a dispersed multi-outlet footprint

It enables the disparate Visual Merchandising and Architecture teams to collaborate, present and deliver consistent high quality brand stories in an exceptional, visual appealing and flexible manner.

Curated reporting, best practices are easily shared and managed. Providing management with moment in time views of the entire retail universe.

Why it matters 

It’s all about Visual Merchandising, which includes playing with floor plans, colour, lighting, displays, technology, and other elements to attract customer attention. It’s usually the whole team of designers and  virtual merchandisers who make the space attractive for customers to buy, and not only get a new piece of clothing, but also positive experience and inspiration. Visual merchandising is also known as ‘silent selling’.

So when you work on making your store stand out, you don’t want to lose the results because you haven’t managed to communicate the layout, aesthetics and product display properly.

You want the brand values to be seen and understood the same way in New York and Barcelona: elegance, exclusivity, tradition, exquisite taste – whatever it is, what matters here is the consistency together with localization.

How does Brand monitor work? 

  • Fashion retailers rotate collections at least 4 times a year. In a moment of rotation, when new items arrive at the store,  a regional visual merchandiser decorates shop windows and takes pictures according to the guidelines collected in ‘Brand monitor’ . It helps organize a collection in every store in a unified way 
  • Visual merchandisers can then check the window dressing, give feedback on the photos by highlighting items on the picture and writing comments, and approve the ‘moment’ report. They can also mark photos with a ‘best practices’ star, which will help refine the whole experience  in other stores 
  • Apart from the planned rotations, Brand monitor helps make sure that any special events, such as charity events, fashion show, book presentation, held in the store, go according to the plan with each and every detail taken  into account and professionally approached

How do we make it happen? 

Brand monitor features  that help Visual Merchandising deepen customer experience and be cohesive with the brand identity: 

  • Multi-screen optimized web-based photo reporting of regional stores
  • Centralized consistent delivery of vision
  • Regionalized/Localized but controlled input 
  • Granular permissioning
  • Real-time response and adjustment
  • Whole system curated reporting

Key functionality

  • Responsive web-design: reflecting the end-users needs to have access at their fingertips in store
  • Rapid photo upload and in-store action
  • Graphic feedback (e.g. highlighting specific item, writing comments, feature best practices) and approval process
  • Managed commenting 
  • Customizable set up and permissioning 
  • Filtering by vision, geography, store and section of product 
  • Notification system

“Brand consistency is what makes any product recognizable, reliable and impressive”

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